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Primal Darkness – Book Two of the Primal Series

Primal Darkness Shakes One’s Head

Primal DarknessPrimal Darkness is the second book of the Primal series by Ryan Kirk. Some times I just want to scream while reading someone’s writing.  Ryan spells everything out for us in the second book, and not in a good way.

Part of the issue I had with the work is the lack of a firm point of view. The work is written in 3rd person removed, but let’s get a little more sensory information coming in. And please boost the writing to that of more than a fifth grader. And about three quarters of the way through it, I give up. Nice cover art can only get you so far.

Let me break something down for you, and hopefully the author understands. In a time of war, you will do whatever it takes to win. And if the enemy needs a jump ship to make it around, that is the first thing you take out. Period.

History Lesson

I look back in history, when knights on mounted horses were captured and ransomed back to their families. Then, a smart general put his ground troops at the front and started to kill the them. The knights were royalty, and huge assets to the country. The action made war more even when the aristocrats no longer were saved, but killed. It was a way of winning wars when the rich and highly trained fighters fell never to rise again. The surfs loved it. They killed royalty and nothing happened to them for the royalty was the enemy. This destroyed the moral of the other side. It is how you win wars.

It’s hard to believe that Tez, a step above a cave man, is brought on board and takes his place among the elite worriers of the Fleet. To top that off, he gets to wear combat armour that elevates his abilities.

Logic lost

Lets look at something logical. One of the characters in the first book was injured and, while wearing a suit, picked up Tez and took him back to the drop ship. In the drop ship, Tez is placed in the hospital unit with a whole in his belly. He heals in two days and can take a suit out to kill one of the party who trained in the suit for years. The person who brought Tez to the ship takes weeks to recover from less serious wounds. Why? come on, let’s get a little more logic in the story.

There are more reasons why I dropped the book besides being in primal darkness during the read, but the main ones are the narrative became demeaning, the writing stilted, and the characters unbelievable.

Sorry, this one is a did not finish.

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