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Primal Dawn – Book One of the Primal Series

Primal Dawn – More Things Wrong Than Right

Primal DawnPrimal Dawn starts off with a good idea, but like all self-published good ideas it tends to go down the rabbit hole quick. I would say there is a need for a content edit, but I’m starting to become a broken record when it comes to that.

We are introduced to two different worlds in the first book. The world of the advanced humans lands on a planet filled with uncivilized humans. While the advanced humans investigate the world they encounter the other humans and it all goes to hell.

Tev, the main character, is a hunter. He helps feed his tribe. Tev is asked to help another tribe fight monsters covered in stone. The monsters are the advanced humans in body suits used to augment their strength and abilities. It’s going to be a slaughter.

Without getting to involved, the first thing that sticks out in my mind while thinking about the book is the simplistic language used by the author. The advanced humans seem to speak with simple words and their motives are one dimensional. They don’t act like scientists or trained military. Tev, on the other hand, uses simple language but leans toward learning. A very strange combination for a person who must hunt to feed his people. It is explained, but the explanation falls short in my opinion.

The book comes in at 170 page flips on a kindle, which puts it around 50,000 words. A quick read for most people, and hence I’ll continue on with the series.

My recommendation is if you hate repetition, simple word use, plot holes, and head shaking moments, don’t read this series. If you can over look these, then go ahead. I’m hoping the author increases his talent as the series goes on.

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