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I Have Read Better – The Core – Demon Cycle 5

I Have Read Better

I Have Read BetterI have read better books but the conclusion of Demon Cycle does have its positive points. The only thing I would like to have fixed in the writing is the repetition.

It’s hard enough to have a good editor go over your work. So always test out an editor before letting them get their hands on your work.

Some of the themes for the work are a little beyond belief. The fact fighting me would castrate themselves to join an army is a little too much for me. Men don’t lose bladder control when castrated. The muscles that control the release of urine are a little higher up than that. The continual push of homosexuality in the desert people pushes the boundaries of belief as well.

Jardir appears to have swallowed a lot of pride in this book, and Arlen also has a change in his outlook. Leesha is a little more up front, but Renna pushes herself out of the shell into the world.

My opinion is the work needs to be trimmed. Probably 10,000 words to remove what is not needed to advance the story. Writers hate to trim their work, so I understand why it was not done.

One of the confusing parts is the listing of two different publishers. I don’t know which one really pushes the book out. Strange how that happened.

If you haven’t read the prior editions of the series you should not try to read this book. The whole series needs to be read from start to finish. Keep an open mind when reading, for they do tend to stray into rape and the negativity of relationships. If you can look past that, it is an enjoyable read.

A solid 2.5 stars out of 5.


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