The Family – Broken World Book II – Releasing Soon

The Family – Broken World II

The FamilyThe Family, the second book in the Broken World series.

What do you do when the world is broken and corpses walk the earth? Man up and take control. Not an easy thing for a systems support analyst to do but he did it. And in the process found a wonderful woman called Mindy and great people he could trust.

But a biker gang took over Uxbridge and forced Steve out of his home and to his mother’s camp just north of Stouffville. The gang calls themselves The Family and have been after Steve since he ran into them in Walmart. Now, since they burnt down his home and kidnapped Mindy, he needs to go on the offensive to rescue her.

Instead of the small group of friends from around the area, he now has all the campers at his mothers business to back him up.

Yes, the apocalypse does suck when you live in a country with gun control laws.

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