Boundaries Are Expanding – Working the Story Anew

Boundaries Are Expanding

Boundaries are Expanding - Moonrise
As seen by Shalain on Luna station.

Boundaries are expanding with the reworking of a story from years ago. Yes, even I can make errors. Fortunately this story is one being rewritten for the masses. It’s about revenge, found love, pain, and ultimate rescue. I’m talking about the story of Shalain.

Over the years I’ve always wanted to fix the story I wrote when first exploring fiction. This long piece shows the immaturity of my writing I first ventured forth, and an editor who gushed at what I put to the page. But now, several years later and hopefully a little wiser, I’m revisiting it to clean things up. No longer writing in the omnipotent point of view, this new work focuses on one character driven toward revenge. The Science Fiction piece will be the first book in the Zero-G series and unfolds through a single characters eyes.

Currently I’m on the fifth chapter, over 14,000 words into the story. Shalain has landed on the Earths moon and now part of the Luna colony. The world is something different. As I said, boundaries are expanding.

The one thing I’m trying not to do is edit the work while I write. Having worn the publisher hat for a while I find this to be the most difficult part of writing. I know what is wrong with the manuscript and I want to make it perfect, but fear such will only harm. So I pull back and just keep writing.

Soon you will be able to experience the world I’ve created, and get to know everyone who resides there. For now, you’ll just need to contend yourself with a little snippet of what is to come as my boundaries are expanding in the world of writing.

I present to you a preview of Rowlinson Inc. The first book of the Zero-G series.

Chapter Five

People shove and push their way around me. The tube connecting Luna landing and the rest of the colony holds the living air for humanity to breath. And breath they do.

Filtering systems struggle to remove carbon dioxide as pumps push the stale air through oxygen rich water in order to make it breathable for people once again. The endless cycle means breathing all the emanations of humanity. Another person bumps into me. She skitters aside, not even lifting her face to see who interrupted her journey. The glint of a metal socket at the base of her neck draws my attention. Wet wear. A neural network of of wires reaching into the recesses of her brain. She disappears into the crowd.

I walk. A sack in my hand holds all the worldly possessions they let me take off the pod along with a flex sheet of my release papers. Gill watched as I packed, along with the woman cop. As I finished, she stuffed a crumpled note into my hand. One line of text. Level five Bravo section. Ask for Janice.

The tube opens to the commissaries section. An open area attached to Alpha dome. The first human settlement built on Luna. The hub, as people call it.

If the tub triggered claustrophobia, then the commissaries would insight terror in an agoraphobic person. Kilometres of open air stretch before me. A black expanse above dotted with the twinkling lights of stars dancing across it. Earth is there, sitting in a quarter eclipse on the horizon. People shuffle past small open air shops selling food and other trinkets. I’m not ready for the green grass or small trees growing out of the floor. An attempt to freshen the air and supply what people need – the illusion of what Earth once was.

A breeze caresses my cheek, triggering a long lost memory. I dig for it, but it eludes my desire to bring it to the surface. One stray thought among many others.

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