Rowlinson Inc – A new novel from the ashes of my first book

RewritingRowlinson Inc – A new Novel

Rowlinson Inc is the first novel of the Zero-G series. It takes place in the year 2168 and will centre around Shalain Dilain.

Initially, the novel would jump between Jon Rowlinson and Shalain Dilain, but instead of trying to cover off two distinctive people, I thought of focusing the novel on the anti-hero and his journey. It shows how he became what he is and the driving force behind the man before and after a major life event.

Back in 2011 I wrote my first major novel. At the time, it was a masterpiece and innovative according to many, but something lacked.

As my skills increased, I noticed things coming up in my past writing that made me cringe. Yes, I was a hack. But I did need to get that first one out of me in order to move forward. Now, several years later with my teeth sharpened on many novels, it is time to make it perfect.

What I want to do is put a new spin on it. I’m bring the science a little more forward. The characters will be a little sharper with multiple dimensions in them. The plot will have sub-plots and side stories. And yes, it will still be fast paced.

Thinking back about my writing is a way to remind myself of my roots. It allows for reflection and understanding of how the creation of a novel moves from one rough draft to a finished manuscript. And now I am looking back at my past start and stops to dig up some golden ideas.

Excerpt from Rowlinson Inc


We didn’t know how dead Mars was until we colonized it.
John Hanson – Lead of the Human Expansion Committee

We used Earth up.

Our beautiful blue planet now hangs in the emptiness of space as a gray ball of mush. Very few places on the home of mankind supports life. Not the far north or the once lush rain forests. They say it will come back, but the time line is thousands of years. With this information I took my family to Mars.
It was the plan to escape the mines carving out shale for processing. It was the plan to make a better life for ourselves. It was the plan to escape the freedom cell. I was naive. We didn’t escape anything.

My child. I’m sorry for what happened. Who knew the doctors would perform such acts on you. For this, I weep.

Hopefully you survive what they did. Escape the anger and hate. Have a family of your own. This is why I sacrifice myself. To give you a better life.

Take care of your mother. Don’t let her morn too long for me.


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