Deleting a Manuscript After NaNoWriMo

Deleting a Manuscript

deleting a manuscriptDeleting a manuscript today. Well, not really deleting it, more like putting it aside and not publishing.

It’s not an easy thing to do. After struggling to get through it, all the sweat, and the tears, now the third book for Broken World is being retired before it even gets a rewrite.

Why? Because it was  push to finish and does not come out clean.

I want to have a good feeling about the books I write and publish, but this one just feels like I’m trying to push too much story out. It’s actually a good thing to say the story has gone full circle. Family, the second book in the series, ended on such a positive note that I really don’t need to carry the story any further. So the decision is done.

Cover Held in Reserve

Goodbye to Mother - Broken World Book ThreeThe cover art will be kept in reserve just in case I think salvaging the work is good. But that will not happen. The last of the series will be pushed out soon and that is all that counts.

For those following this, the series is going to end at Family. No need to go any further for both Mindy and Steve have a family that needs their attention.

But what is coming up then? The rewrite of Rowlinson Inc, the first book of the Zero-G series.

Yes, I have a plan.

It was back in 2012 I imagined a series dealing with faster than light travel. A basic book was created but it fell short of what I know know as a publishable book. The struggle started to re-imagine the series. Now I have the plan. It is sitting there in my head and the outline will be created soon. I don’t think waiting for NaNoWriMo will happen on this one. It is a passion to see what I can do now because it is clawing at my mind.

The main character will be Shalain, the one who is the focus on the second book, which of course will need to be rewritten after the first is done. I want the same voice throughout the series. The challenge is on.

To wrap this up, I look forward to the release of Family, and starting the journey into hard SciFi with the re-imagined series. Looking forward to the journey with you.

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