Ninth Day of NaNoWriMo and one more day for 50K

Ninth Day of NaNoWriMo

Ninth DayNinth day of NaNoWriMo and one day before killing the challenge of 50k, but no where near done. Broken World Book Three – Mother, is doing well and Joshua 47‘s development is off the charts. All in, I hit 114 words under 44k. Should be at 50k tomorrow.

My big worry is getting one of the works completed prior to the two week period is done. But that should be easy. Getting Joshua 47 finished before the end of the month (if not sooner) is the final goal.

The development of the two novels is something I should have started right off. Putting both of them together could be a pivotal decision and I’ll need to do it again next year. This way I can double up the novels and get a real head start on getting them done.

With little fanfare and great expectation, here are the excerpts from today’s work.

Chapter 11 – Big Bull Little Bull – Broken World Book Three – Mother


Not just a few of them. The floor is covered with heads of corpses. The dull eyes, milky white and fixed, don’t leave us. They are spiked at the neck, mouths upward and mashing teeth at empty air. With no way to move, their animation is frightful. One misstep and the teeth could come clasping down on an unsuspecting foot. The necks, severed from the bodies with a clean blow or saw, all have long thin spikes through them. This attaches them to the floor so they are perpetually seeking anything from above.

I hesitate. Nothing has prepared me for this. Some insane mind decided this would be the easiest way to guard people. Use the dead. They don’t sleep, they don’t eat, they don’t complain. The perfect watchdog. An endless supply of workers without worries about their attention being diverted.

“Sick,” Carl says.

Chapter Three – Joshua 47

“There is more to it than that.” He returns to the console and sips his water. “Out of all the pilots we have, only you, Joshua, have formed a bond with the person assigned to them.”

“There’s nothing against–”

He holds up his hand to cut me off. “I never said there was. In fact, it could be the reason why.” He take another drink.

I know he has something else to say.  “Out with it, Adam.”

“Okay. Sandra, we extracted an egg to do some testing. We’ll need another one when you ovulate again. Joshua”-he levels his gaze at me-“you will need to supply a sample.”

“A sample of what?”

“Why sperm of course. It appears you’ve gotten Sandra pregnant three times.”

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