Eighth Day – Now In Full Swing On Both Novels

Eighth Day – In Full Swing

eighth dayEighth day and things are looking good. It takes the start of the second novel to kick me into high gear again. I could have done close to three chapters today but decided not to stretch myself.

Broken World Book Three – Mother, is now sitting at 30,593 words and going strong. Joshua 47 is clocking in at 6,930. That brings a total of 37,523 words. Keeping up over 6,000 words a day will put me at just over 73,000 words by the end of the two weeks. Not bad, finishing the initial challenge of 50,000 words in just over a week, but well short of the 120,000 words plus I wanted to finish. I’ll basically be just under a week shy of time.

This means I have to extend my writing time into my usual work period. It makes time more scarce and that is not something I like to do. But it will need to be done for the plan is two novels this year.

So, without any further delay, here is the sample of what was written today.

Chapter 10 – Thinning the Herd – Broken World Book Three – Mother

Corpses are shish kabobed up to the grill of the camper, blocking air flow. Not something we want. The less air that gets to the engine the worse it operates and the hotter it gets. The driver stomps on the breaks but only one corpse slides off the front. Hands reach up and scrape against the windshield. This is going to be a mess. Bodies everywhere and gore piled up before us.

Bren has a hand over her mouth. A gagging noise erupts from her and she disappears into the back of the camper. A few seconds pass and she’s throwing up in the portable bathroom. I almost want to join her. The stench is insurmountable. How the driver is dealing with it I could not hazard to guess. But he does. Nothing fazes him. He drives with the dew rag over his nose and mouth not taking an eye off the task at hand. He’s a cool cucumber.

We loop to drive back up the hill with the other camper following close behind. Many of the dead are now following us. If we make it back to the road we can lead the herd away from the area and follow the road around the island to come back and find out what happened. There is no way I’m going to take Mindy and my child as lost. She would not allow that to happen. Jill would do anything to protect the two of them. They’re not dead. I know it.

Chapter Two – Joshua 47

Sandra slips in and out of consciousness. I push the flier faster, edging more fuel into the reaction chamber than I have in the past. A couple of tweaks to the configuration drops the drag profile. We’re approaching two thousand kilometres an hour. A vibration comes through the yoke. Small but noticeable buzzing of metal vibrating against metal fills the cabin. Concentration is needed. I lean forward, as if making my body more streamlined will help with the speed. The power gauge ticks off the remaining energy every second. The flight plotted shows fuel reserves will hit less than five percent when we arrive at this Hanson’s project. They better let us land right away. The manoeuvre will take the drain the fuel cells.

The gauge flashes red as the readout lights up showing only ten percent left. Even with the easy of operation built into each flier they put safety features in them to let you know when something foolish is being done. And flying with little energy in the cells is foolish. The yellow warning light morphs into orange as the cell’s capacity lowers to eight percent, then red as it drops to five. A chime rings out. We’re there. But where is the beacon? I scan the read outs. Nothing. It has to be a manual landing.

“There!” Adam points to a small pad, barely enough room for the flier in this configuration. A group of seven are rushing toward it from a small building no larger than a bungalow.

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