Seventh Day of NaNoWriMo – Battle of the Books

Seventh Day and the Battle of the Books Begins

seventh dayThe seventh day of NaNoWriMo is the start of my double book run. I wanted to have the first book completed and the second book on start up tomorrow, but due to issues beyond my control the first book is only now at chapter nine, so I started the next book to see if they can be finished in the time frame I planned out.

At this time, Broken World Three – Mother, is now sitting over 27,000 words and Joshua 47 hit 3,559. Yes, the total word count so far in NaNoWriMo 2018 is 31,137 words. Nice little total for the seventh day but short of where I wanted to be at this point. About 30,000 words short. And to top it off, there’s an event I’m booked for on Sunday. A whole day killed due to the event.

That’s okay. I have the plan to keep going to finish the two novels and be on top of it. There are still seven days and if I push hard enough, a huge total for this NaNo will come through. If anything, I’ll be well over 60,000 words at the end of two weeks. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Looking back, I see the usual issues with my planning. I keep setting the bar is being set higher and higher each year.

Well, enough of that. Here’s an excerpt from each of the pieces and you can decide if I’m in the right direction for each.

Chapter 9 – Girls Gone (Broken World Book Three – Mother)

One single splash. A body hits the water and disappears. Then another. The horde of corpses is pushing forward and driving those in front into the lake. More hit the water. Some are still standing and start wading toward us in the shallows. More and more fall in or are pushed in. The water before us becomes a thriving, broiling pond of animated dead. The scene would resemble the most popular shoreline in Japan or China with all the people wanting to get a little real estate to sunbath or play if it wasn’t for the way they looked. No bathing suits, just bodies walking into the water from shore or falling in from the dock.

There’s even more happening under the surface. Blue Gill, Pumpkin Seed, Black Crappy. They all charge to the dead in a feeding frenzy. The fish are pecking at the meat now in the water. I see them darting in and out. A bit here. A nibble there. They fish are devouring the dead.

We need to get away. “Back us off!”

Nothing happens. We don’t lumber back into the deep water but stay where we are. I look back and Carl is just staring at the coast line.

Chapter One (Joshua 47)

We’re twenty metres above the water and the rig is right before us. Ten people are on the platform and the pod is huge. There’s not enough room for the flier to land.

“I’ll hover beside the rig. Get the people onboard. Don’t worry about the pod, nothing is more important than the people.”

Sandra nods and stands next to the newly formed side hatch. Her hand is on the lever and I look back at the controls. The wind is too high for this, but what choice do I have? Bounce-ar shows three other fliers approaching but they are twenty minutes out. I wonder about the other rigs. Why are they not helping each other onboard?

“Joshua forty-seven to control, I can take on the crew but the pod needs to wait for a sky hook to pull it up.”

“Control to Joshua forty-seven. Your first priority is the pod. Get that thing on your ship. Crew is expendable.”

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