Day Five – A Bigger Count But Only A Third Done

Day Five – Bigger is Better in NaNoWriMo

Day FiveYes, bigger is better when you are participating in NaNoWriMo. It takes a real man to write so much in one day that you really need a pal to help you out. So when I bring out the big guns I like to bring a friend.

Okay, so shooting something like that would be a treat. Would need my friend Wolfgang to help me out. He’s the only one I know of who may be able to help get it centred on a target.

Today I finished off the chapter from yesterday, completed a full chapter, and started a new chapter. And at the end of it, the word count for today hits 5,000. No joke. Right on the button. Need to build that up for tomorrow and make the push real.

At the end of the day I’m looking at not hitting The Awakening of Gregory, but a different novel I’ve outlined over the last couple of years. It’s a SciFi and really interesting. To put things in perspective, the work today is horror, and it’s good to clear the head and write something else. So off I go to Joshua 47. It will be a stand alone work with no second novel to it. I want to have a single story to offer my readers.

To give you a bit of what happened today, here’s a little preview:

Chapter 6 – Sacred Land

The trolley travels at three kilometres per hour, or a really slow walk. Two hundred metres. Takes us ten minutes to get to the end, and as we line it up, someone shouts, “Boat inbound!”

Bill cuts the engine and we hear it, the sound of a boat coming into the harbour. They’re going slow, and it’s a fair size run about. Three people are up front of the six metre craft and two in back standing with two sitting. Two of the three in front have long black hair. I’m talking almost to the waist. Each has a pistol in a holster at their hip. The one driving the boat has hair to the shoulders with two feathers woven in the right side. He’s wearing big aviator mirrored glasses and chews on a toothpick. The two standing in the back carry hunting rifles while the two sitting are Carl and Jill. They look frazzled but otherwise alive.

The boat driver pulls into the slip to the far left of us, the one with a pad of grass beside it. The back two men pull Carl up to his feet, then hoist him onto the grass. The do the same with Jill. The two men at the front stand there with hands on guns. The third is directing the two in the back.

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