Day Four – Word Count Bump – Killing the NaNo Again this Year

Day Four and a Good Word Count Bump

pushing on - Day FourDay four and I’m pushing on through the novel. Right now, I’m half way through chapter six. The main plot of this novel is moving forward and I’ve squared up another sub plot. Yes, I’ve added another one to take its place.

Mother will have a few special runs through it to make the theme stand out. I’m still trying to finish this off and jump into the next novel before the end of NaNo, but not sure if it will happen. To say the least, I’m sure this novel will run out at about seventy thousand words. The one after it, well, maybe around the same. Two week total will hopefully run around 140,000 words. Yes, insane.

But this is what life is to me, an insane walk through the wild side. Now there is this strange obsession I have with putting words down on a page. Well, a computer.


Yes, I didn’t post yesterday. Good reason. A long time friend married his girlfriend. Yes, at the age of 50 my friend decided to get married and start a new life. Thankfully he found the girl he could do this with. I’m happy for them. They both deserve to be as happy as possible in their life together. Love you both to death.

But that was yesterday. And now we come to that time when sharing happens. Here’s the little excerpt from the novel on day four.

From Chapter 5 – Mother

Samantha stops using her tongue to stroke my cheek and purrs like a motor being gunned at a stop sign. He little nose comes forward as she sniffs at my lips, then rubs her face against my chin. One little paw reaches out and pats the side of my face. This is ecstasy for a cat lover. The time their charge wants to get fed and knows that sucking up to their guardian is the only way to make that happen.

I reach up one hand and scratch the sweet spot behind her ear. In response, she stretches back and mashes the back of her head into my fingers. The purring increases in volume. Mindy stretches and flops an arm across my chest, putting it right over Samantha who instinctively bolts, pushing off on me with four little paws.

Mindy is still sleeping, oblivious to what happened. I lean over and kiss her cheek. She does what all woman do. Wipe it away and roll over.

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