Second Day of NaNoWriMo – Why is Writing So Hard?

Second Day – Why is Writing So Hard?

Hard to writeSecond day of NaNoWriMo and I’ve fallen behind. It’s one of those things that needs to change but what time will it happen? After today, I have two very busy days. One will be fishing shows in the morning like Saturdays are supposed to be like and Sunday is a Writers’ Community meeting with a Bookshelf meeting right after. But if writing was easy, more people would do it. Or should I say more people would be making a living doing it.

Today I sat down and started to write. Again other parts of life interrupted me like winterizing the taps for outside and cooking. Did a great beef stew with potatoes, carrots, and onions. With Sheila working from the home office today I spent most of the day upstairs staring at the computer monitor. Not saying I didn’t write anything, just didn’t get out as much as I wanted to. Probably due to the end of the cold and still suffering from a soar throat. Not to mention the back pain that still haunts me when I’m sitting straight up at the computer.

With day one done and put to bed I wanted to get a better jump into the weekend than a few words. Like usual, I love to kill the 50k word count within the first week. Well, that still can happen, just maybe a few more days than that. Today I ended up writing 4,338 words into the novel. That puts the word count at 9,351 words over two days. I’m probably fourteen days from finishing one novel at this pace. So far behind.

I’m going to hit the keyboard early tomorrow. Hope to fire off at least a chapter before fishing and then pecking away until the wedding tomorrow. There’s no way I’m missing that.

Chapter 3 – Hello Stranger

Carl and Jill drive past and honk their horn. Not a quick little toot, but a long sustained blare. The corpses start to shuffle toward the noise. They stumble through the brush and through the open gate. Some pass right next to our truck. Faces rotting off bone turn with milky searching eyes. I stay still, not looking at the horror of death.

The whole job takes over fifteen minutes, but in the end, Carl is past the last of our caravan and heading east. I don’t know how far he will go. Maybe loop around the outskirts of town or something. That would be the best scenario. He’s not dumb. He’ll lead them away as best as possible for as long as he can. Than double back to re-join us.

I watch the last of the corpses stumble past the final camper and start the truck. We all drive into the marina and head to the docks Before we turn down the road to the dock end I spy what we came to get. A large barge, easily twenty metres in length. Enough room to hold the longest of the campers then some. It sites there, little rust and all in one piece. The only problem is that its sitting on shore and not in the water where we need it to be. Dry dock. On land. Sitting there and useless to us in its current state.

Mindy stares at the barge and looks at me with a sideways glance. “Fuck.”

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