First Day – NaNoWriMo or How I Went Insane While Writing

First Day and Going Crazy

stressed on first dayThe first day of NaNoWriMo is about over and boy am I happy. It could have gone better and it could have been worse.

Let me explain. A small server issue roared its ugly head on Monday and caused email issues. Nothing came through. Nothing went out. Nothing worked right. I pushed all my knowledge and fixed a few things but needed a real linux egg head to take the lead. The first one I found was an imbecile. He didn’t fix the issues, just caused a bunch of others. The second guy went in and worked real magic real fast. I can say impressed, and I was. This took me to the first day.

During the few days things were down someone changed the template their site used and wanted a fix on the banner. Sure, let me get the magic wand out… Well, I changed the template to another one fully responsive. Little geek magic and I’m tired. Then a request to change how a blog is formatting the output. Okay, can deal with that. Thirty minutes later and I’m back to writing.

Wife asks me to call my mom. Now, I love my mom, but right now I have a bad cold (yes, really bad since Monday) and my throat is kicking the crap out of me. The more I talk the worse it gets. But that’s okay, I can listen real well. Unfortunately I need to explain something. A quick call turns into thirty minutes of back and forth and the throat kicks in. Mom recognizes the issue and does cut things down. Off the phone and writing again.

Today Is Just A Day

I’ve finished the prologue and first chapter of the next book as well as most of the second chapter. The draft feels solid. So far that is. The outline is working well this year and I have not needed to stray off the road map. It’s nice to have a plan (sorry pansters). When you have a plan the words come out in perfect harmony. At the end of today I have ended up with 5,013 words. So, here’s a little part of the writing to reveal what is happening.

Chapter Two – Catching Up

The truck bucks a little and the back tires spin. Postreaction kicks in and the other tires grip the dirt driveway. Zoey giggles at the fun ride while Mindy holds tight to the Jesus handle. Sam has flattened herself against the seat and I’m trying to keep the truck moving backward. Once the horde in front of us is a safe distance away I turn us around and head to Highway 48.

Time to follow the original plan. Across 48 until we hit Thorah Concession 1. I rub my eyes at the sight before me. There has to be a mistake or something. I count, but there’s no mistake. The whole caravan is waiting there for us.

Carl gets out of his truck as we pull up beside him. His lanky form and sparse beard hide the intelligence in his eyes. He has a huge grin when he see the new edition to our family.

Jill runs toward Mindy’s door. Her short cropped hair barely moving in the fast gait she has. It’s still hard to believe the two of them are in their mid to late thirties. Life can be hard on some people.

There is a ruckus at the campers and Danny extracts herself from the mess. I really hope no one else tries to crowd us now. Three is okay, but the more who come around to hold our little girl the higher the chances are she’ll start to cry again.

End Excerpt

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