A Daunting Task if Ever There Was One

IDaunting To Say The Least

Daunting, yes. But when if comes to NaNoWriMo there is nothing in me that says stop!

This year I have a special goal. Yes, you’ve heard it before and I’m the one who told it to you. I will write two novels. But I fell short and only finished one. I’m committed (maybe more ways than one) to finishing two this year. I’ve been humming and hawing about what to do for NaNoWriMo this year that my head has all but exploded. Let me explain.

In 2016 I wrote The Hordes, first book of the Broken World series. In 2017 I wrote Family, the second book of the Broken World series. One book is published and the second one is at the last stages before being released. On top of that, my publishing company pushed out several novels and we experienced fantastic growth. Two novels are scheduled for the Love Knot Books imprint which makes me very happy. Now only if Wicked Tales would pick up a little my smile would reach from ear to ear (sorry about the cliche).

Like many writers and small press publishers I have a day job. And those who know me understand the work life balance has tipped horribly over the last couple of months. Work demands more time while publishing has to take a back seat to the main income source (until I win the lottery, that is). So I’ve had little brain power when I get home. Just a way of life in our busy world. So one thing has to give, and that’s the writing end of it.


Also, this year I set a goal for myself to fish more in order to enjoy life, because if you can’t enjoy life, what’s the point. This leads me to into the mornings when Billy and Thuan get my ass out of bed at 4 AM to trout fish. Here’s Billy with what we have been hunting for all these weeks. The three of us love to fish, and once we’re catching you’ll not get us off the water. Unfortunately, Billy can’t take the time off to do a northern fishing trip for a week so he’ll just have to content to being a weekend worrier.

But let us get back on track.

NaNoWriMo Is Coming!

For those not in the know, NaNoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Month that happens in November. Thousands of writers drink way too much coffee and punish themselves over the number of words they can get down on a page over the course of a month. The goal is 50,000 words over November. Being the ever diligent writer I am, such a goal is far below me. I started by setting it out to 60,000 words in the month, then to 70,000. For The Hordes, it was 60,000 in two weeks and last year it was 60,000 in nine days. I have set the bar even higher this year.

Enter 2018.

Too Many Stories and Not Enough Time

There’s no such thing as writer’s block. It’s a myth. Writers come up with stories and just hammer at the keys. The only thing that stops my friend Nanci Pattenden from writing is all the research she needs to do for her stories. Poor Nanci. And MJ needs to make sure her child is duck tapped to the wall before she starts writing. 15 minutes of fun and 20+ years of pain.

Me, the only distraction is my wife. But during NaNo she knows not to disrupt my writing, especially when I’m hammering keys to no end.

Two weeks.

I decided to continue Broken World into a third novel. The second one ended at a good natural place and I could have stopped the series at that point, but many dangling sub-plots still need to be pulled together. People who read the first book swore at me, and the second book ties up the cliff hanger of the first. So what happened to some of the players? We’ll find out.

And that leads me to the second book.

I’ve had the Wings series floating around in my mind for many years. Now I have the outline finished of New Wings and want to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys because I type all my stories first). This one will be in the Urban Fantasy line and you have already seen some of the cover art from the site slider, but that cover art is only for the series, not the first book. I’ll work on that in the next little while with an artist.

What About The Others?

Yes, I need to pull the Zero-G series together with rewrites of the fist book I also need to clean up the second (already written) and conceptualize the third. The fourth is already rolling inside my mind. Assassins of Tomorrow needs to be cleaned up, for that is hitting a high note for a long series of novellas and I Time Travel is a work of internal healing. Besides that I need to work on Joshua 48 and China Girl while Blood Cells out of the closet to run through again. Yes, busy.

It would help if I had a million to pay of the mortgage and keep me afloat for a little while. Anyone interested in funding a writer?

There is also a pet project I’m finally getting off the ground but more about that in upcoming posts.

The Game Plan

So I need to get through at least 130,000 words for the month of November. That must happen in two weeks. It must happen with three days killed due to a wedding, a WCYR event, and a sales event. That means 10,000 words a day approximately. No small task, but doable because the plan is already in place. My time is booked off and outlines made. No fishing for the two weeks (maybe but cannot promise). Writing time is here.

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