Download Taxing – Another Way To Make Us Pay

Taxing Us To Death

taxing usTaxing us seems to be a new pass time of the Federal Government and special interest groups, but this is getting to be a little sad. Many of us fought against the implementation of download taxes and those lobbyist from big corporation who make us fight them every year or two for better prices. Now, the Screen Composer’s Guild of Canada (SCGC) wants the government to kick in another tax!

More details about this can be found on Global News.

This is not a joke. Do you have kids who play games online or if you stream NetFlix? SCGC want the CRTC to force you to pay a “Download Tax”. And that money won’t go to the CRTC to make our internet cheaper or better. No, the money will go to them. Why? Because they say if someone uses more than 15 gigabytes of data they are pirating. Anyone with kids who game know that is not true.

Want to know a little secret? If you have Windows 10 you are probably helping Microsoft spread updates. PC World wrote a big piece on this and how to stop Windows from using your internet connection to spread updates to strangers. But if someone is not technically inclined they can be hit with this tax. A big Windows update could push internet usage up past 10 gigabytes of data in a month. So they want to tax those people who don’t know how to turn this feature off?

Not only that, the SCGC already receives subsidies through taxes paid by cable companies who supply your internet. All they want is a bigger piece of your pay cheque. Click to find out more about the Canadian Media Fund.

Get Involved

We all work and live busy lives and this puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to influencing government. Like everyone, I cast my vote hoping for the best, but knowing those lobbyists have more time to bend the ear of the government than I do. The only way we can fix this is to take a few minutes out of our busy day and send a simple email saying “NO!”

Here’s all the hard work for you done in advance.

Take action and send an email to Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez asking him to say no to the new tax. He has the first say in getting this pushed through, and the lobbyists are hard at work trying to influence him. If we, the people who helped elect him, put our foot down, he will listen. Remember to say we will remember this and an election is not that far around the corner.

We need to get involved. Another tax is just one more too many. We need to stop the greed of special interest groups from taking the pleasure out of what we use in our own homes. Stand up for yourself and let them know enough is enough.

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez:
Canadian Member of Parliament
Minister of Canadian Heritage

Remember, this is your pocket they are taxing to death.

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