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Victorious with a Big Yawn

Victorious with a Big Yawn

VictoriousVictorious is exactly what I’ve came to anticipate from the author Jack Campbell, very little substance and boring battle scenes. The big problem is there’s is yet another book to go through. Sadly, it will be the last one I read from this author.

First, a shout out to my friend Wolf who pointed me to the series. Yes, the premise is good and the story arc good, but Jack Campbell needs to study writing a little more. Sorry, but I am really yawning through the books and this one almost put me to sleep.

Spoiler Alert

Black Jack finally gets the fleet home in this book. Surprise! And once home they immediately convince the government to let them rush out to the Syndicate home world to fight them before they recover from the loss of all their ships. We get a lot of political mumble jumble which makes no sense and through it nothing really happens except they agree. Why so many pages on such crap? The fleet then jumps, but not using the hypergate system, regular jumps. They take the long way out which takes less time than you would imagine. Once at the Syndicate home, they see the Hypernet gate mined and guarded. A flotilla of Syndicate ships commanded by the same commander who showed up in the first book only, is waiting.

Geary, along with Tonya figure out the Syndicates have put on a safe fail device but reversed it to make the gate explode with the extended force discussed in an earlier book. They need to figure out how to possibly ride the destruction while still keeping the planets safe. Well, they do it. During the maneuvers, they take out the flagship with the admiral who started the whole Lost Fleet series. So fast? Really? And through it all we hear more about the supposed unrequited love shared by Geary and Dejonie. Really? I know this has been alluded to but really, people who don’t know how to write romance should learn before attempting it.

Jumping ahead, the Syndicate world surrenders and makes Geary promise to take the fleet to Midway, a star system bordering alien space. They get there, the aliens puff out their chest and show how maneuverable their ships are, then Geary figures out there are more worms in their systems. After a purge, they see there are just a handful of alien ships and those so called aliens are manipulating the images they see. They clash, disengage, and Geary once again kicks butt. The aliens who survive leave and their remaining ships blow up. How convenient.

Novel End

Yes, Geary returns and relinquishes his rank of Fleet Admiral, gives himself leave, takes off after Tonya, and purposes. They got that far without even kissing! Real romantic. Geary is a Mary Sue.

Something tells me the romance part was just something the writer wanted to throw in to attract possible female readers, but they would be left wanting with it. There is not enough to build a relationship between the two characters and that should have been caught in the content edit (along with the repetitiveness of words and boring battle scenes).

This book puts the nail in the coffin proclaiming the series all about Mary Sue.

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