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Relentless Still Falls Short but Striving to Finish the Series

Relentless in Finishing the Series

Relentless - The Lost FleetRelentless is the fifth book of The Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell. In this book I have the feeling he started to run out of ideas concerning the actions of the fleet.

Some of the issues with this installment is the time line. The novel starts out by explaining they are still several jumps from the edge of Alliance space, yet it only takes them one jump to get there. With dwindling power reserves, they enter a battle but it seems strange how long the 20% reserves actually last. Some of the ships run out of power while Dauntlessness keeps going, even with only 5%.

Thinking back, it occurs to me how quick the support ships manufactured power cells in the prior novels. Now, they are unable to. Fishy, if you ask me.

For the most part, there is action in the work, but it is all fleet maneuvers. It echoes the past works and, like mentioned before, they appear to happen over vast distances, more than that of a star system. Most of the engagements start with the ships the distance between the sun and Neptune.

The end of the journey just has an anticlimactic feel to it and I wish the covers conveyed the actual story. Going forward, maybe the author will request the publisher to match the cover art to the actual story.

I would suggest that the author needs to brush up a little on how to portray relationships between ship mates. Most of them are dry and leave a lot to be desired. The relationship between Jack and Tanya needs a lot of work to make it believable in any way. She is more standoffish and he is too prim and proper to make a love triangle with the co-president.

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