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Valiant Efforts Falling Short

Valiant – The Writing is Falling Short

ValiantValiant, the fourth book in the Lost Fleet series fell short for me. As stated in the review of book three, there are things that need tightening up.

Something has been bugging me over the books in this series. I guess, when stepping back, it is the cover of each one. If you examine each, you would definitely say military scifi with boots hitting the ground and lots of gun fights. Heck, each cover has soldiers in battle armour and more. Even this one, when you look at it, screams standing on a planet after a battle. But none of them have this happening. The covers are a lie.

This screams at me to say something, and thus I am. The books cover should always say something about the book itself. But in this series, each book is all about fleet movements and a the vast battleground of space. So you if hate actual fighting with weapons and invasions of planets, you may pick them up and be disappointing.

That being said, it is time to talk about this book in general.

Valiant still follows the fleet as they try to make it back to alliance space. In this book, we find out that the destruction of the massive gate system causes interstellar destruction on a massive scale. So massive, it almost knocks the fleet out even though they are approximately four light hours away from it. Not sure if anyone explained to the author how much distance is involved in a light hour.

A Little Bored

There are interesting facts about the story that keeps me going, though boredom is starting to set in. I do want to see what happens to the fleet and if Black Jack will personally see battle. My only concern is he is being made out to be a Mary Sue.

What I’m finding is the author wants to role intrigue through out the story with back stabbing and an interplay of some romance. The big failure is the characters are so two dimensional that it hurts to think of them being human in any shape or form. Geary is the honorable commander who treats everyone nice and fair. He has a sense of honor beyond that of all the other members of the fleet and his trying to teach them all to think his way. It brings about the unbelievable and limits the character. Yes, he has some internal struggles, but only a few.

I’ll push through a few more of the series before deciding if getting any more of the books is worth it.

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