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Courageous and Running Out of Ideas

CourageousCourageous and Looking for Ideas

Courageous is the third book in The Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell. If you read the other reviews of books One and Two you would know I’m not a fan of the writing style, but the basis of the story is sound. I only wish the writing was a little better.

In Courageous, Captain Geary confronts more issues in the fleet and we are starting to turn into a soap opera of sorts. There are some issues I keep bumping up against, one is the distance between the ships in the flotilla. If you measure communication delay longer than 30 seconds then the ships are too far apart. Another is the cardboard cut-out characters, but since the theme of the series is interesting, I keep reading.

When reading, one thing comes to mind, that is the amount of repetition. The characters seem to have a limited vocabulary, and the narrative also supports this. The one second foreshadowing does not help either.

One thing I will add is there seems to be a bigger picture, and Geary sees it. I suspect the introduction of the alien force will happen in the next few books. Hopefully the reveal unit unite the human race. This brings in a new dimension in the story line, thus keeping my interest.

There are two things on my wish list for the series. One is better editing (read what people say about my editing with this Goodreads review of The Clone) and more engaging writing (another thing that happens a lot today). The books are written in a close 3rd person but fall very short. If you’re not aware of the style, it has the narrative asking questions instead of the main character. It is not a style I enjoy, for it takes us out of the characters head and shows poor writing capabilities. It is usually employed by writers still searching for their own voice.

Basically, Courageous is a good book for those wanting to understand military tactics in space. Don’t expect it to win a lot of awards, though.

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