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How difficult is it to get a work of fiction published?

The Difficulties of Publishing Work in Today’s Digital World

Difficulties abound in answering this one, for there are two answers. First, very difficult, and second, easy.

DifficultiesThe Difficult answer

In today’s digital world more and more people are writing books. Publishers are bombarded with submissions while staff crawl through what they receive. Day after day they search for the perfect manuscript that requires the least amount of work in order to put it into the wild and hope readers find it. Advertising dollars flutter away in the wind as the next generation hops from one social media experience to the next while cut the cable from traditional TV.

Yes, it is difficult to get your work traditionally published. You need to have the patience of Job and the staying power of the eternal being. But bible references aside, it is very difficult. You need to ensure your manuscript is about as perfect as it can be in order to catch the eye of a publisher and make it in the new world.

The Easy answer

In today’s digital world more and more people are writing books. They have turned away from traditional publishing and struck out on their own to embrace the trials and tribulations of self-publishing.

Once known as vanity press, self-publishing is the easy way to get your book in front of the public. It is not perfect, and many writers are diving in by taking the fastest route they can find. Many miss the editing phase of their work and pushing out the first draft they create. Big mistake. You need to ensure the product you supply is perfect. See my blog or other answers for more information on self-publishing.

You can also pay a publisher to publish your book but that in itself is problematic and expensive (see vanity press).

Want to learn more about publishing both traditional and self? Follow my blog and you’ll get a lot of questions answered from someone who has been on both sides of the fence.

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