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Life Changes and Writing in the World of Today

Life Changes and Writing

Life NotesLife’s been many years and countless heart breaks. Writing allows me to let loose the coil of restrictions most feel when dealing with the ordinary.

People read mostly to escape reality, but I write to dive deep into a world greater than myself. It has changed me in such a way that I’m better, more focused, and more independent. They say writing is a lonely art, and those people are right. But you get out of writing what you put into it, and I’ve been pushing a lot lately.

Writing pushes me to be social in my writing circle. I have many new friends because of my writing and generally attract more people. It makes for an interesting ice breaker at parties and get-to-gathers, for people are always interested in a creative mind. But all I want to do is crawl away to my PC and start typing the dialogue of my characters at a party.

Not all writers are introverts, and I count myself as a people person, but generally I like to sit on the sidelines. Careful what you say around a writer, you never know what they’ll use. It’s the strangest thing for you’ll run across something someone says and say to yourself, “I can use that in my novel.”

Gossip at parties is one of the best things you can listen to as an author. People will disclose something to you and it gives you an idea for a sub-plot of something wonderful to put in your main character’s path. That is why you watch for the person who just stands to the side smiling and nodding, for they could be writing their next book based on the conversation.

All told, life has become interesting since I started writing.

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