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Dead is not Dead until the Dead Lady Sings an Dances across the Corpse

Dead is not Dead in Arisen book 6 & 7

Dead - ArisenDead, but still reading. That is what I feel like after crushing both of these books. To say I’m still entertained is an understatement. The work of these two collaborating authors runs the risk of giving a reader a heart attack, or at least make you out of breath. Action is the main underlying theme here as we travel through a world of zombies.

I rate this work at 3/5 stars.

Why you may ask, because even though it is entertaining and fast pasted, there are a lot of issues research could have fixed. Probably because they fashioned the information from The Walking Dead or something, but let me go over a few things for you. This will assist you if your desire is to write something similar.

  1. Gas goes bad! Yes, that’s right, gas goes bad. It takes about 6-12 months, but unless it is stabilized constantly, petroleum will break down and cease to be useful in a combustion engine.
  2. You must be strong as hell to fire a shotgun single handed.
  3. People do stupid things
  4. Underwater is hard, especially when fighting

Besides the above, consider the saying, “He laughed out loud.” Really? I would not have thought he laughed out loud unless you wrote it. “He sighed out load.” Again, thanks for telling me it was not in his head. Really? Podium Publishing let those slip by. I think they need a better editor before publishing.

Don’t let those little tidbits stop you from reading the series. The whole world building and action packed sequences will hold your attention.

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