Little Errors But Still a Good Story Behind It All

Little Errors Do Not Destroy The Horizon

The Horizon - errorsThe little errors don’t destroy the story, they just make you wonder. And through the last few days I’ve tried to understand why the authors are allowing the errors to go unchecked. There is a simple thing, it’s called a good editor. And on being a good editor, let me suggest something about writing – If your character sighs, it is out loud. If you say “He sighed out loud” you are saying to the reader nothing is out loud unless you say it is. Think of it this way, when a character speaks, they are speaking out loud. If a reader thinks about it, they keep wondering why this is happening. Also the use of gerunds and present tense modifiers throughout started to get tedious during the read.

The story, and the characters, are engaging. I like the way the authors roll the world end and life on the edge with skill and descriptive narration. There is a great amount of action, with both authors using the same style of writing. This is difficult, for everyone has a certain voice when they write. But try as I might, it is difficult to find where Glynn ends and Michael starts. This is one thing that makes their partnership shine in the series. It is also why I keep reading.

Personally, I can live through some of the issues, but really suggest the two authors find a better editor who is able to show these little issues to them for correction. It is time now to move on to the next in the series.

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