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A Few Errors but Still a Good Read

Errors in Writing Does Not Kill a Good Story

Errors? In Writing? No, there’s nothing wrong with making a few errors. The average person will not notice them. But when it comes to someone like me (and a few other friends of mine), they stick out.

First off, the series so far centres around a choice number of characters. In this book, we spend the majority of our time on the Kennedy, a nuclear super carrier.

No, I’m not going to do spoilers this review, but I will try to explain something for the basic reader. Continuity of characters.

First, in the last book we picked up a civilian teen who suffered from a leg infection. A broken leg, not set correctly, became her centre story. Both her sister and she, being held captive by pirates, are rescued. The teen decides to stay with our group while the sister leaves to be with the people who abused her. Little hard to swallow but sure, I’ll go with it. When we met the teen, she was bed ridden and weak, unable to stand or do anything. Then, miraculously, she is able to run, climb ladders, jump out of planes, and tread water without issues. Yes, continuity issue. But how to get her off that first boat in order to have her join the story then do a POOF! You’re healed! sort of thing?

Second, weapons jam. Yes, you can have the cleanest of barrels and lubed up workings, but put a couple thousand rounds through that riffle and it will jam due to build up of burnt powder. Sorry, just screams BS to me.

Gas Does Not Last Forever

One thing they did do right was make sure batteries didn’t last forever. But what about gas? Does the average car’s gas tank hold viable gas after two years? Not really. One year maybe, but that’s pushing it. Most recreational vehicle owners always call foul when a car starts after two years of sitting, it is The Walking Dead issue people talk about all the time. “Where are they getting the gas?” and “Comeon, that engine would not turn over after all those years.”

Do me (the reader) a favor and make sure you research the crap out of what your write about.

Does it Really Spoil the Read?

Not having your facts right will not always spoil the read. People may just gloss over it and keep going. The problem is, someone will call out the errors, like me. But I’m still enjoying the series and will keep going to the end.

One thing I really like about the series is each character has their own distinct voice. Most novels become rudimentary and boring as the character’s language is the same and predictable (I fall into that a lot). In this series, the authors have taken the time to ensure all characters have specific voices.

If you want a ZA series that stands apart from most, this one is a must read.

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