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The Beginning of it All – But Late

The Beginning of it All


Arisen 3.5 (really the fourth book) is an interjection in the series that takes us back to the start of it all. I enjoyed it, but would have rather started the whole series with this book instead of the original one, Fortress Britain. I read the first three as a group or omnibus.

The confusing part is picking it up after reading the first three. This book takes us back two years to see the outbreak start. We get to spend time with some of the heroes and not so heroic people in the world. The wild ride through Somalia sets the pace. While our main character is put through a lot of twists and turns, he becomes one who can see the self-sacrifice others make to ensure their friends and comrades survive.

Yes, it is a book with a heavy amount of narrative but that comes with a well written book. The dialogue fits the scenes well and each character owns a unique voice.

I don’t really want to say much about it, for I’m really late at posting this one. It appears life really gets in the way of reading for pleasure.

If you’re looking at reading the series, I would definitely suggest starting with this one and then going to the omnibus to run the three together.

Setting this one at a solid 4-4.5 stars out of 5.

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