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Last Book? I Sure Hope So

Last of the drivel, I hopeI finished the last book in the Earthrise series last night and sure hope it is the last one. From start to finish, the one resonating thought going through my mind is get a better editor! Let me explain, and maybe we can help out this author.

First, the premise of the first few books exited me into plowing through. Caution to the wind sort of thing. It’s been a long time since I’d read a really good SciFi series and the anticipation raised knowing the author was on the USA Today’s best sellers list. But that only means one of his books, not necessarily from this series, sold over a certain amount in one week. It’s easy to do if you have the money.

People are drawn in by the cover art of a book in most cases. This is the case with the series. Heck, you think what can go wrong when the cover art looks so good? And there’s the advert about being a USA today bestselling author (if you look it up, yes, it is true, but for another series and only one book, the first). A red flag should have gone up, but I ignored my better instincts and went forward. Boy was I wrong!

Cut to the chase moment – if you are tempted to read this series, be prepared for a lot of issues. If you can look beyond them, you’ll enjoy it. But if you’re like me and want a high level of entertainment for your hard earned money, run from this one until he starts getting better editors. There’s a reason they call it self-published.

I don’t want to put a self-published author down, I’ve known a lot of amazing ones over the years.

Sub-Par Reasons

Throughout the work I’ve basically said each book rates at the most three our of five, and I’m sticking to my guns on this rating. The first had the highest score. In a way it reminded me of Starship Troopers lite. Many of the technology explained appeared from old books and sub-par research. It then moved through the series with changing technology and issues with no research. Heck, the author confused hyperspace and warp drive! Enough to destroy anyone’s reading, let alone a SciFi geek like myself.

We come to a point in the series where all you can think of is every advanced alien races can do is build lousy ships. At not one, not two, but three different occasions the lonely human race with their just out into space technology, overcame the advanced alien species bent on conquering them. And it doesn’t stop there. The race they battle in Earth Eternal is human evolved one million years from their point. It would be understandable they have advanced technology, so why does all their technology get destroyed by the current day Earthlings? Because it is something used to advance plot, and it stinks.

Mean to One Another

In the last book, something that turned me off was how Addy and Marco treated each other. They were, for the most part, insulting and rude toward their relationship. The continual elbowing in the ribs Marco took from Addy became a skit from poorly performed improve. And to make matters worse, her continual want for hot dogs became a joke, turning her into a one dimensional character.

The aliens throughout the series had one thing in common – evil. The author plays this joke on the reader. Each one had evil intents. The SCUM from the first few books could be attributed as having insect like desires to advance, but when the cross-genetic experiments came to light, it just didn’t make sense. Then we find out the marauders were the creation of the SCUM using human genetics with their own made me shake my head. And not losing the train, the Grays also were human, just a millennium in the future. Each showed signs of on dimension. All were sub-par. Each were evil. Same theme. And even some of the aliens besides these turned out to be on the far scale of poorly thought out.

Throughout this book the theme is we overcome and aliens are evil.

Wrapping Up The Experience

In a way I’m glad to have read the work. It tells me I’m on the right path with my own writing by researching and sourcing amazing editors who go the extra mile. it is with sadness that others have not identified the issues in this series and commented on it like I have. Maybe, in the future, the writer of this series will take the time to research who edits their work and have a little more respect for the hard earned dollar readers are spending to purchase. Until then, off to another work.

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