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Earth Honor Falls Flat in this Review

Earth Honor Falls Flat on it’s Face

Sorry, falls flat, with a big splat. I keep hoping the series would get better, but alas it does not. The sorry thing is, there’s still one more novel left.

For those interested, I’ve said this from the start, get a good editor. Heck, just get an editor! The read is jerky and the story needs help. Contradictions from the initial to the end of this novel just kill the read, making me wish I’d never picked up the work. But I did, and here it is, the absolute truth of this work.

Something you need to know, it appears the obsolete tech of human’s can over come the advanced tech of a society one million years are distant relative. That’s right, we find out we’re fighting humans from the future. They are the gray people who visited Earth for centuries and did the old anal probe. Sorry, but spoilers are coming up just to let you know how bad it is.


We get introduced to the gray’s from the last novel. Going forward, we learn they are the descendants of the group Einav Ben-Ari stranded. After making their way through a millennium, they became the advanced race as seen today. If they’re so advanced, how come the Human Defense Force is able to overcome them? This is something we need to investigate.

Throughout the series, I’ve pointed out inconsistencies in technology. Here, we find out more problems as the author tries to spin more words than are needed to make the series longer. We are introduced to a positronic brain and told the robot who has it is a cyborg. The reasoning behind this is there’s a human heart in the construct. But that doesn’t make it a cyborg, you say. Correct. A cyborg must have an organic brain in order to have that title. Sorry, more research needed.

Marco and Addy spend most of this book finding and studying deep being. They travel to a planet with a buda, buba Ganisha, and this takes up a good third of the book. While this happens, Lalony finds a time travel device, gets Hobs to figure out how to use it, escapes a couple of dozen grays with advanced weapons, and travels back in time. Ouch!

More of the Ridiculous

Einav is the captain of a ship with a bunch of different scientists. She falls for and sleeps with an MMA champ who turns out to be an agent of the Grays, and thus she escapes him, and the Grays. She overcomes each and every challenge without issue. Even being stranded in space she is able to contact Earth to warn of an invasion, and do the impossible. Just when it was getting ridiculous, the author opens another door to ridicule him with. Einav takes a worm hole generator and uses it to propel herself into warp and get back to her ship. Ugh!

To make things worse, Addy becomes stupid in this novel. Her IQ drops below seventy, and that’s being nice. Marco becomes a guru of thought. This is where the droning of words and repetition of thought makes the reader’s eyes glass over.

End Spoiler

I think this author is trying to hard to put words together, and besides pushing the evil alien theme, it’s time to retire or get better editors. The biggest suggestion is critiques, edits, and research your next book.

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