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Another Could Be Better – So Why Am I…

Another Could Be Better

With this, I say another could be better type book. So why am I reading it still?

Here’s the skinny

This series really needs a good edit. Not just to fix small errors, but to give the author, Daniel Arenson, information on what separates a polished writer and an amateur. And even with a lack of sales, he probably still doesn’t get it.

Spoiler Alert

Here’s where we discuss the novel and examine the multiple parts needing work and research. Yes, the author uses these parts to advance his plot to the ends he needs, but really, it could have been done better. Let me explain.

Addy or Abby?

In the Earth part of the book where we follow Marco and Addy, a section actually has her name going to Abby. Really? Don’t remember what you called one of your main characters? Time to get a better editor so the work is corrected properly.

In this novel, Marco falls for an Asian beauty (sound familiar?) and marries her. She is introduced as Tomiko and she loved his books. Then, after two miscarriages with a skewed timeline, she divorces him and gets to take the home which belongs to Addy and him. Not only that, but she gets to take half of his money as well, leaving him broke. Note, it is explained that after he pays the taxes from pulling the funds out of his corporation he’s broke for it such takes half of his money. Sorry, doesn’t work that way. Better research divorce before saying things happen a certain way. And only two divorce courts on the world? Really? We then find out that her name is not Tomiko, and she never read his books. That would force an annulment for she lied on the marriage certificate. Marco gets all his money back! Problem solved.

A Big Reveal

Marco and Addy get together at the end of this work. Yup! After saying she would never be with him again, Addy changes her mind and does. Just shaking my head.

Meanwhile, our favorite no nonsense character Captain Einav Ben-Ari, is flying around looking for aliens. She comes across the Gray’s, a seemingly Roswell type race who worship pain and suffering. The author has made them so pure evil that they are laughable. And even though their technology is described as being millions of years ahead of Earths, they can’t defeat the new ship Ben-Ari is the captain of. They even have a hard time flying faster than them. But the maunders did, so this race is backwards compared to them. Makes sense.

Ben-Ari strands a band of rebel humans on a desolate planet. They survive and, even though most of them are castrated by choice, develop into the race of Grays and travel back in time to hound Earthlings. Oh, wait a second, did you say traveled back in time? Yes, I did. The author is jumping the shark in order to find more things to throw at us.

End of Spoiler

Beside nonsensical fight scenes, stilted dialogue, and cliche type aliens, the story does read somewhat easy if you can forgive the excessive repetition of words. From here we really understand the need for a really good content edit before publishing. Yes, Daniel Arenson owns the publishing company and only publishes his own books. Yes, he was on the best seller’s list once and has sold a lot of books. It is easy to sell a lot of books when you price them at $0.99, but this series appears to have missed the boat. One Amazon review hits it dead on, the author is one dimensional only able to envision evil aliens beaten by inferior technology maned by the same four characters. Why am I still reading? Because I purchased them and really want to see something different come from the author.

I’m trying to like his work, but he keeps disappointing me with each novel.

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