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Again – and this time I want to scream!

Again – An honest review of Earth Valor (Earthrise #6)

Again - Earthrise seriesAgain! I’ve been scammed again! Or at least that is what runs through my head when I get a series and decide to go through it from start to finish only to find out the author short took short cuts and keeps replaying the same theme over and over again. I’ll mark the parts that are spoilers.

First, this is the 6th book in the series and it is obvious the author is either using an editor who does not care or the cheapest service he can find to pump out his books. I’m so underwhelmed. And to top it off, it’s just book three rehashed a little bit (well, not really, but close enough). Let’s prey for a new idea, but I’m sure that will be disappointing as well.

This story picks up where the 5th book left off, and we have to shake our heads. So, with no further ado, don’t read between the marks if you hate spoilers.

Spoiler Alert

So, the crew land (aka crash) on what they believe is Earth of old and reek havoc. Marco actually shoots a unicorn (yes, you got it right) and carries the dead carcass on his back to return to the ship. The group eat it and talk. They get attacked by werewolves at night who happen to be children, get given moral choices when seeing food being transported in automated rail cars, and throw a person out a window (really, I can’t make this up)!

It is all a test of the ghost fleet (come on, really). Yes, they wanted to know if humans were really good or not. Then they rush to their aid. But the ships they have are not as strong as thought. And through this all we have Addy back on the planet fighting in a resistance. The marauders are go from destroyers and near invincible to almost laughable kill-able aliens. Stop, please, you’re killing me. And when the ghost fleet meets the marauders in space they are whipped to the point the majority of them want to go home to lick their wounds. This leaves our heroes with only a few ships to take to Earth where the majority of the enemy sits in wait.

The end of the battle they confront the ruling marauder and low and behold, he is a created being of the scum from the first three books! Really?

It turns out the scum took DNA from Marco and cross bread him with themselves to come up with this mutated form. Then, in four years they created millions of them (bullshit alarm went off). The head marauder calls Marco Dad.

End Spoiler

It kills me when things are put in place because they’re convenient. And the author uses time dilation to explain why it takes so long for the ghost fleet and Marco to get to Earth. Six months for the fleet and one year on Earth. I really think that’s a cop out. Figure it out next time.

All in all the action is fast, but the romance parts need lots of work. Reminds me of Star Wars Episode Two! Really? Yes, that clumsy and horrible.

After all the repetition, errors, and crap, the plot is solid and action interesting enough. Gets a whole one star from this reader.

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