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Torture – Just Pure Torture Reading This Series

Torture Reading This Series

Torture ReadingIt’s torture reading this series, so why am I still doing it? Maybe because I don’t stop reading when I purchase.

I find it hard to believe the author is not advancing his writing skill while plugging away at this novel. There are so many things wrong with it that I don’t know where to start. Let’s first look at the claim on the cover of the book – USA Today Bestselling author. Yes, he claims to be a USA Today Bestselling author. Well, let’s check. I went to USA Today’s site and searched for the author’s name, Daniel Arenson. Okay, he has a series on the site and it is listed as a best selling series. It seems you have a title with Dragon in it people buy. Have to remember that one. Lots of comments about under developed plots. I can understand after reading this book.

Okay, so on with the review.

In this novel we are introduced to a new alien race. Great, like to understand them. The Nubarie are a chimp like race on a planet that spins so fast the day only lasts five minutes. Oh, and the night is the same length. This means the aliens fall asleep every cycle and call it a day. Really? So, their almost like cats but only sleep for a little while. That’s not the least part of the problems. They have four arms, so okay. But on the hands they have mouths. Really? So I guess you don’t shake hands with them. Besides the obvious really I did with this one I tried to imagine what they looked like and my logical mind made their arms thick, but the author writes they are thin. Let’s not think about breathing and eating issues they would have.

***Spoiler Alert***

Addy and the Alien

Through this novel Addy is captured by the aliens and transported back to Earth for the marauders have made it their home base. Really? Are you series? Why does every species of aliens want Earth as their own? I understand this alien race eats people, but why would the leader of their race come to Earth instead of having the food brought to him where he is safe? Come on, get real.

Besides that, a feeding tube is stuck into Addy’s mouth and she is force fed during the trip back to Earth that takes less than a week. She put on weight. Don’t think so. You can gain weight but not that fast. Am I done yet? No, for she pulls a tooth out of one of the aliens and uses it as a sword. And when she is tied up again, they deliberately forget to take it off her? Really? How stupid are these space fairing aliens?

The Good News

Oh, the good news is I only have a few more books to read and then I am finished this series. How it has been a struggle getting through it. I’m only worried that the author is still writing in it and will bring another alien race into play that eats humans and wants to mate with our women as well. God help us.

This reader’s review – 2/5 stars just because I have a hard time giving 1/5 for science fiction novels. Hope he gets a better editor for the rest of his series.

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