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Urgh – Earth Fire and All The Problems with Publishing First Drafts

Problems Arise

Problems abound during the reading of this book. It comes down to repetition and editing. There are other issues, so let’s look at this book in detail.

First, writing a novel, let alone a series of novels, is a daunting task. You have so much to do like coming up with a plot, characters, narrative, dialogue, and artwork that it is surprising how many people think they can do it, let alone do it right.

The point of the reviews I give are to show what is wrong with not doing the job correctly, and thus exposing to you where an author may have just used the short cuts out there to get the novel in front of your noses. In other words, created something not worth your time reading.

The novel, Earth Fire, is the forth book in the Earthrise series by Daniel Arenson. I’ve read the three prior novels and will continue to read the others to finish off the series, that is until they become unreadable. This book bordered on it.

Notice – Spoiler Alert

The novel takes place after the Human/Scum war. It tells the story of two ex-military, Marco and Addy. After their five year military stent they return to their home town of Toronto only to find life has changed. Three years after the Scum war, the population of Earth is divided by those who want to prosecute the two heroes for their part in the war and those who want them to be praised for it. In honesty, it’s just a little too early for those detractors to come to light. Each one would understand what the human race went through and thus not have any problems with the annihilation of the Scum race.

With this taking a head, the author decides to change the way the Canadian legal system is run. I can understand a bit of why, but there’s a lot of problems with it. Maybe the author needs to understand constitutional law a little more. But he needed to find a reason why our two heroes are not on Earth for the next book.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the galaxy, a new threat comes to life, the Marauders. This new threat, just like the prior one, wants to eat humans (lord help us). From one race that eats humans to another that does the same.

Hero Problems

Our heroes immigrate to the planet Haven, and are duped by false advertising and poverty. During their stay on the planet, Marco completes his book and writes another one. With the inability to have them published, he falls into despair and sleeps with a multitude of women. All this while working in a call centre trying to sell all types of products we see advertised on late night TV. Really? Like he couldn’t have found a better dead end job the guy could find?

This goes on for the rest of the novel and becomes a drag to read. It came to the point where I wondered why I kept going. Then the planet is invaded, and the world comes crashing down for them. We end there, hoping they will survive.

The Wrap Up

It would be interesting to find an alien race that doesn’t want to eat, enslave, or impregnate humans. It’s not that hard of an ask, is it?

In my opinion the work is not at a publisher stage yet. It need rewrites and critiques. I write this review in the hopes Daniel reads it and understands that more is needed to make a good novel.

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