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More Research Needed – A Review of Earth Rising (Earthrise #3) by Daniel Arenson

Research is a Writer’s Friend

Earth Rising - Needs ResearchResearch, you need to do it when writing! It seems I scream this a lot in reviews, but believe me when I say it is really needed. And one thing, even a good story cannot save you when facts are not right. The reason they call it Science Fiction is there’s a basis in Science. Get it right or you’ll start losing readers fast.

This is the third book in the Earthrise series by Daniel Arenson and I really want him to know he needs to do his legwork when writing about things. Look up how everything works, like the military. There are errors in concerns with this throughout his series, and also check the science used to ensure there is accuracy.

In the last review of book II of the series, Earth Lost, I outlined a few issues with the science and information used to create the book. Here, in book III, I find myself struggling to accept the inconsistencies and problems the author has with his science. Let me explain:

Faster than Light Travel

It’s a science fiction standard to have FTL, so make sure you back up your writing with facts. Using a warp system that was made popular in Star Trek, the original series. With different directors came different ways in which the engines worked, but they kept the same base science. Current theory on a real warp drive (yes, it is theorized and they are working on it) is called the Alcubierre drive and is based on a solution to Einstein’s field equations. Look it up, it’s real.

Other ways to travel around the universe involve hyperspace. This method is not really FTL (faster than light), but a method of using a different section of space to travel. A shorter route if I may. You enter hyperspace, travel approximately 1,000 KM, and pop out of it 1,000 light years from your entry point (simplistically speaking). It is not warp, it is hyperspace.

In FTL, many scientist theorize what space will appear like to the human eye, but currently there is no real knowledge about it. This is why it is still considered a theory. It is why authors usually struggle with the concept and copy the model given to us by Star Trek, streaking stars. But it is explained that those are not stars streaking past, but photonic particles. Light, if you must.

Researchers Needed

As mentioned prior, the author keeps missing the finer points that research would fix. He refers to rifles as guns. No one in the military would do so, not even a new cadet, for it would be drilled out of them. They would not toss a clip of bullets, it would be a clip of ammo, or just ammo. A robot would not cost more than a star ship, especially when the drive system contains one of the rarest gems found in the universe. Daniel states the Asoph Crystal needs to be cut with precision, within atoms in order to work. And even then, the crystal is only good for a few “warps into hyperspace” before it is useless. So tell me, how could a robot be more expensive than that?

It gets under my skin when the wrong price tag is put on things created by people. Look into what is needed, and then dig into the systems you’re going to use. There are a lot of things that need to be checked before a writer starts writing.

When a person is shot in the chest and whole is left you can see through, they would be dead. Don’t care what you say, you can’t recover from a whole in the chest big enough to destroy a lung, especially when you have thirty kilometres of tunnel to climb through in order to get back to your ship for medical intervention. I shook my head at that one.

Spoiler Alert!

Our hero’s love interest, Lalonie, helps them find the SCUM emperor to defeat it. Sorry, don’t care how good they are, that would not happen. Makes no sense to me. She morphed into one and they let her accompany the main infiltration squad? Really? Your killing me here, Daniel. I really want to like your books, they have some interesting theories about them. In a way, they remind me of Starship Troopers, but sadly, lacking in comparison.

The Good

One thing I have enjoyed is the character of Marco. He fells real to this reader, and I think it is because of this that I am still reading the work. Then again, I can overlook a lot of issues like repetition, wrong words, poor research, and other things that take away from the work. Daniel wrote a good story, which is important, it just needs to be cleaned up.

Like most self-published authors, Daniel is not getting good edits on his work. This is the biggest problem I have and it threatens to cause me to drop the novels and not read them any more. If you’re reading this Daniel, please don’t disservice your work in such a way. Find a good editor and pay them to fix the writing.

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