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Pages Verses Words – Few is Okay, Right? A Quara Question

Pages – Short and Sweet Chapters

Page Count

Page count is not what makes a writer good, though that is how printers charge when creating the work. When you write, it’s all about composition and word count. The question should be answered with does the work flow, how much does it add to a story, and is it justified to be in the work.

Over many different works I’ve structured my chapters based on what needed to be inside them. Like the book itself, your chapter needs to have a certain flow. It needs a definite start, middle, and end point. The start engages the reader, the middle keeps them interested, and the end makes them want to keep going. This is why most chapters end with cliff hangers or reveals.

If your chapter does not have the mentioned sections above, you may need to look closer at the work. Why is it this short? Remember, four pages is about 1300 – 1600 words. These words could be considered appropriate and engaging to the reader without have a reveal at the end, for they are all part of the reveal. In some cases, a short chapter could bridge the gap between characters. Short chapters will also explain things about technology in Sci-Fi. Little interjection chapters can give history on a character in fiction. There are many reasons to write a short chapter.

Like I said above, there has to be a need for the short chapter in order for it to make sense. If it is just words strung out on the page, then you need to rethink what you’ve written.

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