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Better – But Still Needs Work to Make It Good

Better – But Not Great

Better - but Earth Lost is still lostThis book is better than the first but it still needs work. There are a number of things that stick out in this work that make me shudder a little, and a lot of it is in the editing. The most glaring part of the novel is the repetitive use of key words in sections.

I have a few pieces of advise for the author:

  1. Pick a technology for space travel and stick to it
  2. Earth would be protected more than other sections of a populated galaxy
  3. Strange experiments would probably not happen the way they were explained

A little note – though I usually don’t give a lot of spoilers I’m not promising that now. It could happen for I’m flying this on the seat of the pants.

I’m a little surprised that the group of recruits were made to wear thread bear uniforms while the troops in space had new ones. Doesn’t make much sense to me, so it caused a little issues. I really didn’t like that part of the novel.

Our lovely commander, Lieutenant Einav Ben-Ari, is verbally assaulted by a superior officer and forced to make statements of a defamatory manner concerning her family and self. It would not happen. There are rules to the military and something like this would see the officer under arrest. Don’t care what the rank of their father is, they would be thrown in the beige and awaiting trial.

When explaining space travel, warp and hyperspace are two different things. First the ship uses hyperspace to travel and then we get into how it warps space/time to travel. It would be better to just say warps space, and leave it at that. Even though warp makes people think of Star Trek, it will work if you use it correctly.

Here’s the Spoiler

Lalonie, the love interest of our protagonist, turns out to be an engineered human who is actually an agent of the aliens they are fighting. Why was this not found out during the medical exams when she was inducted into the service? No idea. But with what seems to be a genetically altered human she really put one over a bunch of doctors and fooled everyone.

While finding a way off the planet, our heroes come across the scum performing experiments on humans by joining their bodies with them. Some became part scum and part human. I’m playing the bull crap card on that one until it gets explained better.

In the tunnels, they come across the hive queen. It is a genetically engineered human with a partial scum body. Think of Aliens and the queen there, just change out the top part with a woman and you have what the author is envisioning.

Things go down hill from there and the explanation of their “guns” (actually assault rifles) running low on ammo takes a long time to happen. Really? If they have sixty rounds in the clip (wow, look, the proper words used here) and they kill one hundred scum, then they must have shot through more than two in order to do it. Like magic, their rifles seem to use less ammo to kill the scum than they should.

Other little things take away from the enjoyment of this novel, like the need to have a good content edit before publishing, but it is still a good read.

I give it… 

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