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Good Effort – But Research is a Writer’s Friend

Good Effort but More Research Needed

Good EffortYes, a good effort, but like most self-published writers who have a good idea about something they really don’t know much about. Research would have helped. Daniel does a really good job weaving the angst of the main character who is thrust into the world of training for the military.

In a world of the future, mankind is at war with an alien race bent on destroying them. Once a child turns eighteen, they are inducted into the HDF, Human Defense Force. They must server a minimum of five years to help defend Earth against the scum – a centipede race of insects with intelligence and the desire to kill. Their legs are weapons and internal fluids deadly.

There is not much seen of the aliens in this book, besides a quick introduction of what they are and doing on Earth. I keep thinking of why would they land to fight? Nuking from orbit is easier. But the explanation has some sound thought behind it, if you think like a human.

In the book, Daniel has the characters go from being free, to being inducted into the military, and then start their basic training. This book centres on that aspect of their journey. So when the wrong words are used, military buffs like myself find the errors. Let’s go over a few things so Daniel knows what the issues are:

A bullet is a projectile that is fired out of a weapon. What is loaded into a weapon is called a round or cartridge. It has multiple parts including, but not limited to, primer, flash hole, cartridge case, propellant, bullet (projectile), casing (metal jacket), and so forth. Here’s a diagram:


Throughout the training, both military and cadets use the word “gun” instead of rifle. This is not correct. A gun is a single handed weapon that can be yielded easily. It’s not to be confused with a rifle. To explain it, here’s a little video:

Any half-decent infantry would not call their rifle a gun. Nor would they say, “a clip of bullets.” It would be ammunition or ammo. These are the formal words used, or slang would be clip.

I’m not sure why some have said the novel is a Y/A, though it could be read by adults and such alike.

The narrative is solid. A little repetition of words, but the story is good. I’m pleased enough to go to the next in the line of the series.

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