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Disappointment – The World at the Edge of Space

Disappointment – The World at the Edge of Space

Disappointment - TWATEOSIf I don’t want to feel disappointment, then I should start learning better. Really, I should have stopped at the first book but I held up against hope that the second one would be more entertaining. It wasn’t.

Okay, for the price it’s not a bad deal, that’s why I looked at it. Heck, even with the poor cut and past cover design trying to bring sexy back to books told me to stay clear, but I don’t always listen to my brain. There are a few things I would like to tell you:

  • I checked the New York Times Bestselling list and M D Cooper is NOT listed there
  • Total pages in the book are just over 100 (129 to be exact)
  • Most of the book is dialogue
  • Total word count is well under 40,000 from my estimates
  • Technology that makes sense

Okay, call me a prude, but I like stories that take you into the action, make the characters real, tell me about the world, and paint a picture of what they are doing. In this novel, as well as the prior one, there is none of that. In fact, there is very little narrative showing at all. Most of the book (I would say 90% or higher) is dialogue.

The overuse of dialogue wouldn’t be that bad, but when you read it, all you can hear in your mind are teenagers. The dialogue is so poorly written I thought I was listening in on a group of grade school students talking. Really? Like, duh! And the use of profanity was a little too much, it didn’t add anything to the story.

Let’s jump to the technology used. Stasis shields. Really? Stasis! Do you actually know what that means? Well, it appears the author doesn’t so here it is: the state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces. 2. Pathology. stagnation in the flow of any of the fluids of the body, as of the blood in an inflamed area or the intestinal contents proximal to an obstruction. So when you think of stasis, it means no action.


In this concoction of drivel, M D makes the ship, which has an AI with an attitude and mannerisms of a thirteen-year-old girl, dive into a planet at the weakest point of the tectonic plates. Guess they had a really good geological scan of the thing from the whole ten seconds it took them to get there. When they went through the plate, the planet started to erupt. Not blow up, but reconfigure due to the release of the internal magma. They survived this because of the use of their stasis field.

Really? If the shields are so powerful, why do they need to run from just about everything they encounter?

And on top of that, there’s a whole thing about a character becoming supercharged because she is mostly plastic?

The crew argues a lot about changing the ship name to SEXY, because it seems sex sells books, but not when done this way.

The crew appear to be hormone driven characters with women who just want to get laid and men who don’t know what to do about it. Come one.

Plot? No plot.

Character driven story? Not really, I would say dialogue driven story.

I’m just going to shake my head and walk away.


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