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Sci-Fi-Short – The Gate at the Grey Wolf Star (Perseus Gate #1)

Sci-Fi-Short The Gate at the Grey Wolf Star

The Gat At The Grey Wolf StarThis is a Sci-Fi-Short. I’m concerned that this book should not be a stand alone, for the ending is abrupt. I’ve started the next book and it picks up right away from where the other ended. They should have been one book. This one is a little over 35,000 words, making it fall into the lower part of a novella.

First, while the characters are flushed out, the use of swearing is harsh to the ears when listening to this audio book. I’m taken aback and wondering what the author was thinking when they made everyone use such language.

Second, it starts abruptly and, even though it is a new series, you are a little lost with some of the characters to the point you almost put it down.

Probably won’t go past the second book even if another one is written, I’m not feeling attached to the characters.

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