Resolution Time – Or Hell No We Won’t Do It!

Resolution – Or Should We Say Broken Promises

ResolutionA resolution is something everyone says they’re going to stick with when they make it. Heck, I don’t know how many times I’ve said I’ll do something and totally forgot about it the next day. Take getting in shape, for example. In the next few weeks, there’ll be more gym memberships purchased by people who will never show up then all the memberships through the year.

Why do we, as people, make promises to ourselves and not follow through with them? It’s something that has always driven me to wonder. Yes, I’ve done it as well, but not as much over the last few years. I look at life as something to live and experience, not something to be ashamed of. But then again, most people don’t feel the shame like others do. They don’t mind braking those promises to themselves, it’s not that bad.

What if we put some monetary value on our promises? If you made one of these, and really want to carry it through, put your money on it. Place a hundred dollars aside for the length of your self promise. If you follow through with it, then take the money and do something good for yourself. But if you cheat, give the money to charity. Either way, you win. By following through, you’ll feel better, and maybe that special thing will come through for you as well. If you don’t, at least the charity will be better off. And yes, you’ll win there as well, at least spiritually.

So why not tell us some of your new year’s promises. Open the old peggy bank and let the charity have a chance to be a little more better off like you want to be. Enjoy life, and love the life you have.

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