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Mistakes to Look Out For when Self-Publishing

Mistakes - Self-Publishing

What mistakes did you make when self-publishing that we should all know about before we self-publish?

I remember the first novel I wrote all those years ago. A friend told me to write the thing. The big picture came together. Then I wrote it following an outline, thinking this thing is going to sell like gangbusters!

Boy was I wrong.

I’m not going to lie to you; I made a lot of mistakes when writing my first novel.

  1. First – Your first draft is just that, a draft. You still have a lot of work with rewrites and fixes to go
  2. Rewrite – And keep rewriting until you’ve done it a few times. Then get someone to critique it
  3. Advice – Make sure you get some from another writer, and not just any writer, a good one
  4. Editors – This is important, get a really good editor for content and line
  5. Advertise – Yes, you have to do this all the time! Get yourself known. Keep yourself known
  6. Professionals – Get a professional to do your cover art
  7. Fiverr – It is not your friend. A lot of the people there cannot make it on the freelancer circuit so beware of them
  8. Get out there – You have to be known by people in order to get sales
  9. Beta Readers – They are worth their weight in gold!

Are you scared of self-publishing yet? Well, don’t be. Get your blog up and running. Make an author profile. You need to get published traditionally somewhere, no matter what it is. Usually, your local newspaper will be the first place you get published. Write an article for them. Even if they pay crap, it’s worth getting your name out there. That way, if you want to go traditional in the future, there’s something to put on your brag sheet.

Want more on what to avoid? Read this!

There’s a lot more things you need to consider, but it takes a while to get through the list. Best to look for my book with 1000 things to remember when publishing, due out sometime in the future when I have the completed list. 4 years publishing and still learning.


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