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Blog Like a Pro! Habits that Make You Successful

To Blog – A question that needs answering:

Someone is asking a blog question – here it is:

Q – I want to be a blogger but I am not a good content writer. What should I do to improve my writing skills?


Blog in 2018Running a blog is fun, interesting, exciting, and frustrating at the same time. In order to be a pro, you need to have certain skills, or at least the basics of wanting to develop those skills. Let me show you what is needed to be a top person in this field.


The first hint you’ll have is to learn. Not as easy as you think. Take courses in English Composition and language structure. This will be needed in order to get your point across when you work. Without it, your sentences will become unstructured and incoherent at best.

Understand the basic concepts of creative and business writing. This knowledge will assist you in creating proper presentation pieces readers will enjoy reading. In most cases, essay writing is very popular with successful bloggers.


It really does make perfect, but only if you accept criticism. If not, then you’ll probably not be successful with your blog.

In order to be good at something, you need to practice it every day. Look at professional sport players, they are out practicing every day they are in training. Even prior to and during the regular season they are practicing. Your writing is just another skill that needs to be practiced. Think about when you first started to drive, or run. You had to practice at it to become proficient. Writing is the same. You need to do it constantly in order to get better at it.


When writing, you need to structure, or have a set idea of what you’ll be doing. Take this response for example. I knew, in order to answer this question, there’d be multiple sections including the intro, body, and conclusion. Throughout, I envisioned setting up parts the way I have, and recording them. This laid out how the answer would flow. Once done, I’ll go back over it and see if there are any repetitive parts to it, incorrect usage of punctuation, and any spelling/grammatical errors from a Canadian English stand point (yes, that’s why some of my words look wrong to Americans, I write in Canadian English).


Yes, this is different than structure. Content refers to the idea you are communicating and how you present it. The simple basic word choice can also be considered under this heading. Make sure the words are correct (right, not write, which, not witch). Simple fixes can change a reader’s experience from enjoyment to confusion, and ultimately disappointment if content is not carefully watched.


This is where you bring all your thoughts together. It justifies why you’ve laid our your content like you have and bring together all the little ideas to show the big picture. Don’t confuse this with the wrap up, for they are two different sections. It is the reiteration of the basic idea of the piece you’ve created.


Search Engine Optimization. Okay, this is a mouthful. If you are like most bloggers, you’ll install WordPress as your CMS. This will allow you to get a plugin that helps you with SEO. Don’t skimp on this, learn SEO so your writing is discoverable. In fact, the better your SEO, the higher on the search engines you’ll be. Always write for SEO whenever you can. There are rules to follow, and doing so is the difference from the first page to the 1,000,000 page on a Google search.

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about and implement in your desire to become a blogger. There are more things to put into this, but in order to keep good SEO, a high level structure, and easily read content, I’m limiting my answer to under 800 words. These all tie into making your presence on the internet one of success.

Remember, only you can ensure the best practices when doing what you want to do. Follow a plan and make sure it is one you enjoy, and you’ll become very successful at it with a great deal of practice.

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