End of Days for NaNoWriMo 2017

End of Days – Completing the 2017 NaNoWriMo Challenge

Tomorrow is the end of the NaNoWriMo Challenge for me. As my solitary days of writing come to a close, I look back on what has happened through the second book of the Broken World series and give a sigh of relief. It is just about time.

Yes, the book is a mere 5,000 words to completion, and the finalization of the story that started in Book One. Yes, I Douglas Owen, promise it will not be a cliff hanger like I have in the past series I wrote. If you finish reading this book it will allow you to sleep at night. Right now, I’m not sure if I’ll do another novel, though there will be room for one. Let’s just say I may not be finished with Steve and Mindy.

And as we move forward in life, I bring to you my celebration pie for killing the word count minimum within 9 days.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Bacon Pie by Chef Michael Smith!

Well, he does it a lot better than I but what else would you expect from a chef, right?

Bacon Pie - End of Challenge




We start our journey to the bacon pie by laying down an oven safe pan and putting bacon in it as so. Then a layer of Yukon Gold potatoes with pepper to taste (don’t worry about salt, the bacon has enough).






We keep doing this until there’s a good layer of potatoes, pepper, onion, and cheese throughout the whole dish.







Once all the layers are down, fold the bacon over top to seal it in.






Now, bake it at 375 degrees until the top bacon is bordering on burnt.






Slice and enjoy! Potatoes crunchy? Should have left it in longer. For best results use a naturally smoked bacon. The type that when you open the package you’re not covered in juice from the chemicals used to get the idea it’s smoked.

Until next time!


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