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Social Media with Angela Misri and Joyce Grant

Social Media – Questions and Answers

Social Media - WorkshopSocial Media is somewhat of a mystery for authors, no matter what level they write at. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many others are popular one day and then one of the don’t matter the next. This is what Angela Misri and Joyce Grant came in to dispel for the members of the WCYR today.

Both Angela and Joyce are authors and work within the publishing world. Their knowledge of social media comes from ability and knowledge. They can weave the twisting road with fun and enjoyment, and not to take away from their own accomplishments, they are entertaining. With a fresh look at what they’ve done, I move forward with re-configuring my presence on the internet. If you haven’t done so yourself, maybe you’ll want to do it.

One of the more interesting things was doing a Google search of your name. This tells you who appears to be in charge of it, and what you can do about such instances. Common sense tells us what we should and shouldn’t do in a public forum. But most people have forgotten what that means. Let me be clear, keep your personal life personal. You don’t need to tell people who your friends are, just have them. And when it comes to reviews, just ask for honest ones.

But so much for that, here’s some pictures of cats to make the post go viral. No, just kidding. To end it all, I do suggest looking into their series, The Plot Goes Viral.

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