Fifty Thousand and Counting

Fifty Thousand and Counting

fifty thousand wordsOver fifty thousand words in the first nine days of NaNoWriMo is an accomplishment. Yes, it is something to be proud of, doing a challenge in such a short time. Much shorter than the length of time other’s take to finish it. But really, if the writing is not a good draft is it really writing? I tend to say yes.

The assumption that all first drafts must be perfect and publish ready is a myth. Your first draft is the basis of the novel. You need to go through multiple rewrites and many drafts to finish off with a completed manuscript. And even then a publisher will push it through an editor to clear up what other’s didn’t see. I know this for that’s what I do. And it’s what I do with my work now.

So the basis of Broken World – Book Two – Family, is the continuation of the first book, The Hordes, a somewhat tongue in cheek survival story that is very character driven. I’m attempting to keep the second book the same. There are more characters, some returning ones, and a whole lot of trouble in Stouffville and Uxbridge. Let’s get on with the preview, and this time, I’m not starting at the front of the chapter.

Chapter 14 – Ground Work – Family – Broken World – Book Two

The women are arguing what to do to Gretchen. Some want to outright kill her, others want to let her go, hoping the sign of good faith will go a long way. The rest of the camp starts to come together including Danny and Mom. Mindy is close behind. She gives me a knowing look and there’s blood all over her hands. Collette comes out with Zoey but backs up a little when she sees Gretchen bound up. Smart woman. She corrals Zoey and they disappear into the house. Wish we found her husband on the raid but not much you can do with explosions ringing out around you.

Mom comes over and tears the tape of Gretchen’s mouth. “We want information.”

Gretchen goes to spit at her but Mom uppercuts her so fast that she bites her tongue. Blood starts to seep from the corners of her mouth. “Ya can’t make me talk, bitch.”

“I’m a CISC trained interrogator, I’ve made people stronger than you talk, bitch. How much do you like water?”

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