Halfway There and Still Going Strong

Halfway and still going strong

HalfwayHalfway, yes you heard it, I’m halfway through the NaNoWriMo Challenge on day five! And I still have time to write today! This is just as good as last year when I hit the end of the first book in nine days.

So you see it, here’s the report page for you. Most people in my writing groups will recognize the NaNoWriMo dashboard grab but for those who don’t, well, better get used to it now.

I’m not saying the two novels will be finished within the fourteen day sprint I set for myself, but at lest one will be done and the second almost. I will continue to work on The Awakening of Gregory after Family is finished, because I’m just on a roll with Family, that’s why. So hold on tight for a preview of Chapter 5 is on its way to you now!

Chapter 5 – Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Charlie and I start talking about sausages. Not the kind you smoke. It’s something I heard a long time ago, when people make small talk because they don’t like the silence. Just like talking about the weather but not really talking about it. I find out he played World of Warcraft as well. It takes a while, but he starts telling me about his character and all the stuff he accumulated in the game. It ends up he believe people died quick because most had lost their skill to survive in the wild. If it wasn’t for Jeb and knowing Mom, he never would have survived.

We drive down Ninth Line to Bloomington, east on that until Goodwood Road and then Concession 7. A left turn takes us to the Miller Asphalt Plant and the first of many pits to check out. The radio on the dash throws static. I’m waiting for Danny to get over the pit and tell us if there’s anyone there. Probably just corpses milling about. I don’t doubt the family corralled as many as they could in the pits surrounding the area. It makes sense is you ask me, just get them to follow something and there you go. Instant corpse cage.

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