Writing – When Your Brain Starts to Freeze, Get Anti-Freeze

Writing With Brian Freeze – Not Letting Go

Writing is something of a second nature to me. Before I started publishing, every day I’d sit in front of the computer and hammer a keyboard to get something out just for the joy of writing. But then I opened the publishing company and started to read and edit work. I actually became good at it. This almost shut down my own creative writing.

Every November I’ve challenged myself to create a novel during NaNoWriMo. For the last five years I’ve accomplished it. Last year I set my own personal record of a 62,000 word novel in under 10 days. It was a feat to say the least. This brought about the publication from September, The Hordes, Book One of the Broken World series. It was a lot of fun letting myself adventure into this nightmare world and create a fully character driven novel.

But over the years I’ve had a number of novels bounce around in my head. Over the last few months I’d been thinking of The Awakening of Gregory, first book of the Blood Cells series. Then it hit me, why not take 14 days and see if you can finish them both? I must be an idiot, for that challenge is now driving me to write around 10,000 words a day, which is a lot when you think of it (maybe I should include all the blog posts?).

It comes down to this, I should at least look at getting the two novels finished before the end of NaNoWriMo, and get as many words down over the next fourteen days that I can. So there we have it, I’ll just write as much as possible and see where we are at the end of the 14 days. If one book is finished, then I’ll have completed the challenge. If both are done, then I’ll have two books publishing sometime next year. It’s a win win for me and you.

Family – Chapter One Preview

Mother stares down at me with her wrinkled face and crow feet eyes. The curly white hair is new, replacing the auburn she kept through my childhood. My eyes ache from the rising sun leaking light into her living room from the open door. The crisp spring air helps chase some of the hangover from my body.

I nod in understanding. She always states the obvious, and I could never handle rot gut scotch. The bottle lay on the floor by the couch, not even a drop left in it. Collette should be somewhere, and Zoey as well. Where are they and why was Mom out all night? Questions that need answering.

But after five years of not seeing the woman who gave birth to me, all that could come out of my mouth is, “Sure.”

Soft footfalls hammer against the stairs followed by heavier ones. Zoey’s giant voice laughs as she giggles down the stairs all wet and covered in suds. Collette follows her, half soaked and carrying a towel. They both stop before the bottom of the stairs and glance between Mom and me.

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