Is it Time for Bed Yet? I’m a Little Tired

Time for Bed for this Little Writer

bed timeYes, it’s almost bed time for this little writer as he finishes off what is needed to get his word count in line. Chapter Two of The Awakening of Gregory is put to bed. Word count for this chapter is 3052, and yes I plan for such. Usually I like to keep the chapters at 3,000 words in order to set the stage, finish the action, and move on. There is so much fun in putting your reader through the horrors of cliff hanging a chapter end. I do it as much as possible.

With the three chapters of the two books written along with the prologues, I’m sitting at a pretty 10,627 words on day one of NaNoWriMo. And we are coming up on the fun part, a little preview of what came out of the first draft today.


Helen’s voice sounds annoyed and concerned at the same time. It puzzles me she has the ability to convey both in a shout, but she does. “Who the hell is hammering at the door?”

The light tapping of the keyboard quiets and a chair is pushed back. Her light footfalls are strange compared to the heavy ones that came from the vehicles to the building.

Five steps take me to the front door and the sound of the disturbance. I look through the glass at twelve men in black body armour, weapons in hand pointing to the door. Not the little guns most cops use but short barrel automatics weapons with long mags sticking out the bottom. At times I wish knowing which gun did what was part of my initial training but that happened over three hundred years ago.

One smug looking bastard stands in front of the door, gloved hand swinging a little at his side as if he just finished putting it there. He must be the one who knocked.

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