Prologue – The Race has Begun

Prologue – The Awakening of Gregory

Prologue, the tricky part of writing. I’ve not done much of them in the past but decided The Awakening of Gregory needed one. Not because it’s a snazzy way to increase word count, but to introduce you to the world I’ve envisioned for these characters in the Blood Cells series. It is one different from most, and when you read it, there’s a difference in the writing style that comes out.

The one thing I wanted to convey is the sense of how the book will flow. This is in the first person present tense, and it is a parallel way of writing to that of the Broken World series (self promotion time here – Broken World Book One – The Hordes – available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and just about any bookstore you want through special order until I sell over 2,000 copies – help me out here).

So, without further ado, here is a teaser on the work as of today (Yes, I started with this book instead of Family).

Prologue - Blood Cells Book OneThe Awakening of Gregory – Blood Cells Book One

What if I was to tell you there’s a whole world just beyond your vision? Something people ignore if they see it. A world of wonder. Think of the wild dreams that came out of your childhood, then put them in the real world. That type of strange. Let me tell you, it exists. All you have to do is believe it in. Look past your nose and find the lost magic of your childhood.

But if you’re like most people, moving through a mundane existence of work, home, life, and family, this would escape your eyes. Very few get to see the world as I do. The raw power of existence. To be able to see the wonders hidden from the eyes of the every day. To take part in the cleaning, that is what I do. Remove what is not to be seen by mortal man. Some of you notice it, a slight shimmer out of the corner of your eye. Though it is ignored when you cannot get a full look at it.

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