Cleaning – That’s what it’s all about

Cleaning up the NaNoWriMo Word Count

Cleaning is the topic of the first chapter in The Awakening of Gregory. It’s all about cleaning up after someone. At least that is what the story line comes across as. Fist part is done and the start of the plot begun! We’re introduced to four characters, Gregory, the protagonist, Helen, his love interest, Joshua, the lost sole, Sebastian, the best friend, and Bernard, the antagonist (sort of).

The Awakening of Gregory
Chapter One – Cleaning

First chapter is 3092 words, and now I know how hard it will be to complete the whole world of this novel. It will be good to take a breather and work on the second one now. I have the ability to recharge my focus and put words down for Broken World, and I really need to do that (and get something to eat). So far the written word for the day is just over 4,000 and I need to get another 3-6000 done. God help me for having such a lofty goal in mind during NaNoWriMo.

So, do you want to see a little preview of what my fingers have in store for you?

The start of the story

The world is dark outside my bedroom as I lay there with Helen. She sleeps the sleep only humans can enjoy while I try not to wake her after the three hours my kind sometimes need. I shouldn’t even be with her, but we are now three years into a relationship of mutual respect and desire. Lust turned into a simple want, and finally what can only be described as love.

She rolls to her back, the cover slipping slightly to reveal the pink of an areola. It stirs desire in me but the day is still too early to wake her.

I do a slow slide to the edge of the bed, taking my time not to jostle her still sleeping form. A slight ripple of the cover and I swing my legs out to the floor, then lift myself up. The large bay window beckons me forward. Outside. I want to run in the field and through the trees before the light of days spoils the crispness of the air. Feet on dew covered grass. Take in and expel the fresh air. To be wild again, like so many years ago. A desire to experience the world as it was prior to my awakening. Before the turning. When life was so simple. No need to hide.

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