Upcoming Release – Broken World, Book 1

Upcoming Release of Broken World Book 1 – The Hordes

Upcoming Release - The HordesI’m very happy to report the upcoming release of my new novel, The Hordes, book one of the Broken World series, releasing in September. I envisioned this novel on the month before NaNoWriMo 2016 and hammered it out in record time.

The Hordes takes place in Goodwood Ontario, with the main character moving between Stouffville and Uxbridge. The novel centres on the life of Steve, and is told in a first person point of view.


Steve finds himself in the centre of a zombie apocalypse and fights to survive and make a life for him and the small community of survivors in his area. As if zombies are not enough, one of the towns near his rural home is now the base of a large biker gang bent on ruling the area with the help of their psychotic leader.

Finally, a zombie apocalypse that doesn’t ignore Canada, but embraces it with out unique look at life, love, and survival.

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Note – this is not the actual cover, just something of a space holder

Available soon through Wicked Tales.

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